GeoDaze 2015

GeoDaze is a student-centered geosciences conference at the University of Arizona that celebrated its 43rd year this April. Each year, students present their research to an audience of peers, faculty, alumni and guests in an environment similar to that of a national conference. In past years, I’ve volunteered my time in various capacities including co-chair (2013) to help GeoDaze continue its success. This year, I presented thermobarometry, geochronology and thermochronology results from the Lopu Kangri range in the Tectonics and Geochemistry session. The title of my presentation was “Indian Continental Margin Subduction, High-Pressure, Low-Temperature Metamorphism and Synconvergent Exhumation during India-Asia Suturing, Lopu Kangri Range, South-Central Tibet”.

Thanks to generous donations to the GeoDaze conference from industry and alumni, graduate students compete for cash prizes at GeoDaze. My talk was selected as the Runner Up Best Overall Presentation. A big thanks to Chevron for sponsoring this award.

You can check out the GeoDaze 2015 web site here, which contains abstracts and more information on GeoDaze.

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