Challenges in Tectonics Session at the 2017 Geological Society of America Annual Meeting

I’m excited to have the opportunity to co-chair a session at this fall’s Geological Society of America Annual Meeting in Seattle, Washington. The session, entitled “Challenges in Tectonics 4: Planetary Evolution in Four Dimensions: The New Global Tectonics”, is part of a broader initiative to define the grand challenges in the field of structural geology and tectonics. With help from co-chairs Dr. John Hole and Dr. Robert Moucha, this session will highlight cutting-edge research related to these themes.

Please consider submitting a proposal to this session! The abstract submission deadline is August 1, 2017.

Session description: We seek contributions to understanding Earth’s 4D evolution as a global tectonic system from transdisciplinary datasets and numerical models, with emphasis on frontier research areas (setting or process) and new or developing analytical techniques.

New paper: Tectonic Evolution of the India-Asia suture zone in southern Tibet

Follow the link below to read my new paper on the India-Asia (Yarlung) suture zone in southern Tibet, published January 2017 in Tectonics: 

Laskowski, A. K., Kapp, P., Ding, L., Campbell, C., and Liu, X., 2017, Tectonic Evolution of the Yarlung Suture Zone, Lopu Range Region, Southern TibetTectonics, v. 36, DOI:10.1002/2016TC004334

New paper: Discovery of a new continental high-pressure metamorphic complex in southern Tibet

Check out my new paper, entitled “High-Pressure Tethyan Himalaya rocks along the India-Asia suture zone in southern Tibet”, which was recently published in Lithosphere. This research utilized regional-scale geologic mapping, structural analysis, metamorphic petrology (including pseudosection modeling), white mica Ar-Ar geochronology, and garnet Lu-Hf geochronology to constrain the structural geometry and P-T-t path of a newly recognized high-pressure metamorphic complex. This is the first such complex recognized along the Yarlung segment of the India-Asia suture, which is geographically central to the India-Asia collision. The full citation is below:

Laskowski, A.K., Kapp, P., Vervoort,  J.D., and Ding, L., 2016, High-Pressure Tethyan Himalaya rocks along the India-Asia suture zone in southern TibetLithosphere, v. 8, no. 5, DOI:10.1130/L544.1

New paper: Diachronous deposition of the Kailas Fm. and implications for slab dynamics, southern Tibet

Follow the link below to check out my co-authored paper on the Kailas Formation.

Leary, R., D. A. Orme, A. K. Laskowski, P. G. DeCelles, P. Kapp, B. Carrapa, M. Dettinger, 2016, Along-strike diachroneity in the deposition of the Kailas Formation in central southern Tibet: Implications for Indian slab rollbackGeosphere, v. 12, no. 4, doi:10.1130/GES01325.1